The Eight-hour Conversation: Querying the Editor

Eight hours ago I finally queried the editor from the agency I'm interested in. She has a section on her website where you fill out your information: name, email address, book genre, audience age range, and finally the premise. I've been staring at that form for weeks. Today, I finally filled it out. To my … Continue reading The Eight-hour Conversation: Querying the Editor


Novel-in-Progress: Duology!

The fourth draft of The Harvest is in the hands of my betas. However, I've officially decided to also get professional help. The editor I'm interested in works for the same publishing company which published one of my favorite books, Dreadnought by April Daniels. Aside from catching up on reading, I started to fiercely study the authors I adore in terms of … Continue reading Novel-in-Progress: Duology!