Novel-in-Progress: Duology!

The fourth draft of The Harvest is in the hands of my betas. However, I’ve officially decided to also get professional help. The editor I’m interested in works for the same publishing company which published one of my favorite books, Dreadnought by April Daniels.

Aside from catching up on reading, I started to fiercely study the authors I adore in terms of publishing their works. I wanted to see where they found success.

I know my top three agents of choice based on my top three authors. However, there’s more to publishing a novel or landing a contract. So far, all three of my favorites published a second novel the year after their first novel debuted.

Multiple times in writing critique groups, I’ve heard that it’s better to work on one novel, than to plan out multiple. But some of these authors have proven otherwise.

Up until now, I’ve only focused on writing The Harvest. While working on The Harvest, I  realized I’ve never been able to finish a work because I’ve always jumped back and forth with more than one project whenever I hit a writing block.  When I began The Harvest,  knew I wanted a second book. If I had one solid book my novel would be well over 100K and that’s too long for a young adult novel. At least for a debut novel.

So, instead of writing out the second novel and splitting my time, I’d jot down notes whenever an idea came up. Just in case my novel changed, I didn’t want to invest too much time in working on two projects only for the first to be a dud.

But, after reading Marissa Meyers blog, I found that she had her other books in mind, before she signed with her agent. She then continued to blog about her drafts for each book well before the book prior to it was published.

It’s an astonishing feat, which has upped my motivation to work on book two in the Guardian Inc. Chronicles.

The other day I began outlining Angel of Death (tentative title). I’m really excited about it! There’s a whole other layer to The Orchard and the world below it that I can build upon.

My goal is to pull a NANOWRIMO in June. Actually, from June 9th to July 9th I hope to draft up the first 50,000 words of the novel.

After July 9th I want to give the sequel a break and focus on The Harvest. I’ll take the time to review any remaining edits and fix it.  I want to prep it, so that in August I can start querying my top three agents.

Once the queries are out I’ll go back to work on Angel of Death. Hopefully I can build on it before I go back to school on the 28th.

After the 28th I’ll wait. I’ll work on another stand-alone project, while trying to get through graduate school.

Most of the agents I’ll be querying ask for you to wait three to six months, so I’ll work on other projects until then. If The Harvest gets picked up and I get sent edits that may change the sequel, then I’ll edit it. But I would be nice to flesh something out in the meantime to keep myself occupied.

Anyways, I have a ways to go. So, we’ll see what happens.

Fingers crossed!