BookCon, NYCC, and other Missed Opportunties.

People often say that money won’t bring you happiness. To a degree they’re absolutely correct. In fact, the fire I have to kick start my writing career and go back to school is because the money I was making and the jobs I had were not bringing me the kind of happiness I wanted.

Granted, I could become a published author and a librarian and still not be fulfilled, but if I never try I’ll never know.

Still, in light of the current  BookCon at the Javits Center in NYC, I sit here hating the fact that I don’t have money. Since I decided to go back to school money has come out of my accounts left and right. From moving, to school expenses, to car problems, you name it. I know, I know, that’s life. But there are few events that I desperately want to go to. One of which happens to be BookCon.

This year, two of my favorite authors are going to be there. Marissa Meyer and Nicola Yoon. There are other authors I’ve read and adore too, but for the love of the universe, why is it that this is the year everyone wants to go at the same time!

I also, decided not to go to NYCC a few months ago. Back then I had a wedding to attend, the big move into a new place with my mom, and I was trying to save more money. I didn’t go to NYCC last year and so I wasn’t heartbroken about not going this year.

At the same time, it’s event like NYCC and BookCon that make working so hard worth it. Those are the little markers throughout the year when you know something great is coming, even if it’s only for a day or a moment in a day. Now, I have no personal markers coming up. I tell myself the timing is just not right.  Besides, it’s better that I not go that way I can’t get myself into more financial trouble.

Eventually, I hope to go to BookCon and NYCC, not just as a visitor, but as a guest. It would be awesome to promote my books and sit on a panel. I want to meet other authors and talk with them, share experiences, fears and concerns.

One day I’m sure I will.